Discover our diverse range of hinges and bolts, crafted for longevity and aesthetic appeal. Our hardware selection meets every need, ensuring you find the ideal fit for your project, available only at our store.

Our Brands

Door Handle

A mechanism used to open or close a door, available in various designs and materials. It’s a key element in door functionality and also contributes to the door’s aesthetic appeal.
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Tower Bolt

These are sliding bolt locks, typically used for securing doors. Made of durable materials, they provide an additional layer of security and are easy to install and operate.

Door Locks

Essential for security, door locks come in various types, such as
deadbolts and latch locks. They secure doors against unauthorized entry and are a fundamental component of home security.

Pad Locks

Portable locks with a shackle that may be passed through an opening to prevent use, theft, vandalism, or harm. They offer flexibility and are used for securing various items like gates, lockers, and bikes.


Often used in conjunction with locks, knobs are the round handles for opening and closing doors. They come in various styles and finishes, contributing to both functionality and decor.

Digital Door Security

Advanced security systems for doors, often including features like keyless entry, biometric recognition, and remote access. They provide enhanced security through technological integration.