With high safety stock level we offer a just in time service that is just right for you. Having developed an excellent relationship with our suppliers over the years we can now provide all kinds of electrical components with no delay.

Our Brands

Switches & Accessories

Include a variety of electrical switches, sockets, and related accessories. Essential for controlling power and lighting in buildings, they come in different styles and functionalities to match interior design and electrical requirements.
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Fans & Cooler

These devices provide air circulation and cooling. Fans range from ceiling to portable models, while coolers use water evaporation for a cooling effect, essential in warm climates.

Safety & Devices

Include circuit breakers, safety switches, and surge protectors. They are crucial for preventing electrical accidents and protecting appliances and systems from damage.

Conduits & Fittings

Conduits protect electrical wiring, and fittings help route and secure these conduits. They are vital for safe and organized electrical installations.

Wire & Cable

Different types of electrical wires and cables are used for various
applications. They are fundamental for transmitting power and data in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Earthing & Solution

Earthing systems protect against electrical shocks and equipment damage by providing a safe path for fault currents. Essential for electrical safety in all types of buildings.