dmc faucets

a stream a drizzle
a waterfall

Brining the untouched beauty of nature into your homes.

Touch of Tradition, Faucet Of Tomorrow

A Waterfall at Your Fingertips

Imagine bringing the untouched beauty of nature into your home. Our concept, “Nature’s Embrace,” envisions a faucet that doesn’t just dispense water, but recreates the mesmerizing flow of a natural waterfall.

Digital meets Conventional  - DMC

DMC is an ambitious design concept that seeks to merge the charm of traditional faucets with the wonders of modern technology.

The Watchful Water Steward

Water Steward represents a forward-thinking approach to water usage and conservation. This conceptual design isn’t just about a faucet – it’s about creating a smart water management system.


life switches

a press a tap

The shift from day to night unfolds subtly and seamlessly, if we pay attention.

Switching States Seamlessly

Embrace the elegance of simplicity with our wall switch that effortlessly blends into your everyday life. Designed to ensure a smooth transition between states, this switch is not just a functional.

Merging with Your Life, Beyond the Wall

Our wall switch redefines the concept of home automation. It’s not just an object on your wall; it’s an extension of your lifestyle.

Traditional Core, Unconventionally Used

Discover a wall switch that marries traditional reliability with modern ingenuity. At its core, it’s built on proven, time-tested principles, yet the way you use it is anything but conventional.